The I.D.I Counseling department offers individual, and group mental health counseling for dancers in need of emotional support, and personal guidance.  Counseling services take a holistic approach to explore the external, and internal factors that influence both behavioural, and physical health. Sessions function by supporting, and assisting the client to devise a plan to achieve personal goals, and acquire healing and stability.

I.D.I Counseling sessions are beneficial to a dance Artist that is encountering varying levels of physical, or emotional distress.  Sessions will serve by enabling the client to work towards achieving self awareness, and will equip the client with the coping mechanisms, and tools to understand their pending circumstance, and life challenges.  I.D.I mental health Counselors are experienced professionals, who hold a unique understanding of the issues that a dance Artist can face.  Issues addressed by Counselors include:​

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Self image

  • Stress

  • Life transitions

  • Self identity

  • Relationship challenges


To book a session with a Counselor, or inquire about counseling services, contact: