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Established in 2011, Inica Dance Industries (I.D.I) is based in the heart of Toronto Ontario, and was founded by Nicole Inica Hamilton.

I.D.I provides elite dance programming for students and teachers, while addressing self motivation, goals, health and development.  
I.D.I strives to promote an atmosphere which encourages positive engagement and creative inspiration. Each class is an effective learning environment designed to enhance skill and authentic distinction. Each curriculum is established to develop a knowledge base in theory, technique, performance and personal development.


I.D.I provides leading professional instruction, and performances in; Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Hip hop, Acro, Liturgical, Contemporary, Modern, West African, Afro Caribbean, and Musical theatre. 

Since the company's inception, the promotion of the healthy lifestyle of dance Artists has been incorporated into our classrooms and teaching practices. Through counselling services, dance health workshops and mentorship, Inica Dance Industries has worked to present dance Artists with a platform to build towards a healthy career in dance.


Learn more about our health workshops.


The mission of Inica Dance Industries is to be dedicated to the education, performance, and professional development of dance Artists by providing notable educational programs, and services.  Our vision is to:


  • Foster a safe space for Artists which promotes positive engagement, and creative inspiration

  • Build an atmosphere which elevates the overall development of Artists







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