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Inica Dance Industries (I.D.I) is committed to protecting your online privacy.  I.D.I does not collect personal information about individuals, such as names and or email addresses, unless the individual knowingly provides it.   In choosing to provide this information, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of I.D.I's privacy policy.  Please note that I.D.I privacy practices are subject to change.  I.D.I reserves the right to change the privacy policy without notice.  We ask that our visitors periodically review this page to ensure familiarity with the most current version of the privacy statement.  For questions or comments regarding our Privacy Policy, please contact I.D.I at:

Email and personal information
Visitors to the I.D.I website may choose to provide us with personal information within an email message, to one of the  email addresses listed on our site. This information is used to respond to your messages.  In addition, I.D.I may use this information to update you regarding future promotions, and events.  I.D.I wishes to assure visitors to the website, that email addresses are never shared, exchanged, rented or sold to third parties.  EXCEPTION:  I.D.I reserves the right to share the email address/ contact information of any individual that I.D.I feels is in violation of a civil right, or has abused the use of the website in any way.  If this conduct takes place, the contact information  will be shared with an enforcer of the law.

Age and majority
I.D.I does not knowingly solicit personal information from minors. Visitors who are under the lawful age and majority of their province/ state/ country/  should remember that they are required to obtain an adult's permission before submitting any personal information to this or any other web site.  Due to the fact that I.D.I does not monitor the ages of visitors upon their visit to our website, we are not responsible/ liable when email submissions are received from individuals who are considered minors.

Should you wish for I.D.I to refrain from using your contact information to update you regarding future promotions, events, and updates, please indicate this at the time you provide your information  to an I.D.I representative, or when submitting information via our contact page.  


I.D.I will on occasion take photos during our events, classes, workshops, performances and additional. These images will in turn be shared on our website, social media platforms, and with our sponsors, supporters, associates, and additional.  Should you wish for your images not to be taken or shared, please indicate this to an I.D.I marketing representative, or upper management prior to our event, class, workshop, performance, and additional.

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