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The art of dance can place an exuberant amount of physical, and mental stress on a dance Artist.  The athletic responsibility to execute movement with extreme accuracy, and precision, can at times open the door to physical injury.  Alternatively, the responsibility of directing, and teaching dance groups while attempting to balance life obligations, can sometimes be taxing.  At I.D.I we are committed to promoting the productive, and healthy lifestyles of individuals who function in the dance arena.

The "Building Your Optimal Health Workshop Series" is an I.D.I initiative to present the dance community with educational forums to learn health and wellness techniques from Medical, and Allied Health Professionals. Forum topics include injury prevention, nutrition, functional dance anatomy, mental wellness techniques, and more.

Throughout the series, I.D.I will host a panel of experts in the following areas:


  • Physiotherapy

  • Nutrition

  • Chiropractic Medicine

  • Dance Therapy

  • Naturopathic Medicine

  • Paramedic alert


All forums are open to students, teachers, directors, and members of the public wishing to learn new, and innovative measures to health in dance.  Follow I.D.I on social media, and join our mailing list in order to keep up to date on upcoming workshops.


"It is imperative as a dance community, that we strive towards incorporating policies, procedures, and methods that will enhance, and promote the physical, and mental wellness of Dance Artists. Building our level of education in the areas of dance medicine and science, will ensure that our students and fellow colleagues move forward armed with the knowledge, and ammunition to create a healthy, well informed dance population."  

~Nicole Inica Hamilton, Artistic Director

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