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Robinson-Ada's extensive career has taken her to many great platforms including the world renowned Alvin Ailey Dance School of New York, where she was a 2011 scholarship recipient of the intensive summer program. 

Robinson-Ada is a 2002 Miss Canada talent award recipient, with special honor given for her artistic contributions.  Her many years of Ballet, and Contemporary study, include R.A.D., and the Dance Masters of America syllabus, with formal training received at the Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre.  A triple threat in the arts, Robinson-Ada is a Toronto based singer, and actress, and a former student of The Lorraine Kimsa Theatre. Selected credits, and commissions include:  
The Singers (2014), and the Pan American Olympic Games with Tsingory Dance of Madagascar (2015)

In addition to her artistic contributions to I.D.I, Robinson-Ada is the founder behind













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